Monday, August 22, 2011

Teoh RCI report continues to rankle

'Reading the RCI report made me felt like I'm reading fiction rather than a fact-finding report of a royal commission.'

TBH 'suicide' finding: Impossible does not happen

Danny Lazaroo: I'm a practising psychologist, fully registered with the Australian Psychology Board.

I can't think of any trained and qualified psychologist who would condone or agree with the RCI's (royal commission of inquiry's) findings. Suicide, in the absence of prior suicidal attempts or ideation, or psychiatric condition/history, and in a context of an individual with a future orientation, is most unlikely.

But I am not surprised - psychology and psychiatry are not well-regulated mental health fields in Malaysia. Furthermore, it is impossible for any psychiatrist to state with certainty that Teoh Beng Hock would have committed suicide - an actual risk assessment cannot be concluded without prior interview with Teoh or data collected from him.

The best we can come up with is a possibility/probability of suicide. From the start, I've believed that this was not, and could not have been, a suicide.

The murderers will continue to be allowed to roam free, of course. This is Malaysia, where the truth is hidden and the illegal always allowed. Malaysia, truly corrupt.

DannyLoHH: Indeed, reading the RCI report made me felt like I'm reading fiction rather than a fact-finding report of a royal commission.

The conclusion does not jive with all the findings and evidence. It was clear that this was a torture session that had gone awry. The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) investigators involved should all be investigated for torture and manslaughter charges.

Also, it was clear that the many MACC investigators had committed blatant perjury, yet to date, the police and the AG (attorney-general) have done nothing. Where is the rule of law?

Cala: By putting up a detailed analysis that shows James Foong's RCI has indeed erred in concluding that Teoh took his own life, the writer, CT Wong, has proven that a practising engineer too is as capable as any professional in the fields of psychology and philosophy. I am proud of him.

Back to Foong's oxy-moronic and warp logic, I am happy Wong questions the logic and legitimacy of the RCI finding by pointing to the lack of scientific data/evidence that lends weight to the likelihood of Teoh taking his own life under repetitive torturing.

As Wong points out, none of the four types of data sets are in the report. If Foong is worthy of his salt, either he withdraws the RCI findings or he has to defend his earlier position more convincingly.
I am disappointed that in this age of Internet, Foong comes to represent the low standard of our judiciary and happily pronounces anything he so wishes unsubstantiated with facts.

Judging by the manner he had read Teoh's mind before the alleged leap, he is telling the public that he has the supernatural power of speaking on Teoh's behalf. If that is true, Foong can well be the medium through which one can talk to all who are in the other world.

Tkc: In this country, the wisdom of our civil servants is inversely proportional to their seniority. The higher their position, the more prone they are to make a fool of themselves.

Presumably it has a lot to do with the fear of losing their pensions or missing out on some lucrative directorship in public-listed companies after their retirement.

In Teoh's case, the only people who believe in the theory of suicide are the clowns in the RCI and of course MACC, PDRM and the AG's office.

Teoh's family was vindicated when they decided to boycott the RCI because it was a charade from Day 1. But my heart goes out to them because they have yet to get the closure that is unjustly denied to them. Our best hope is for Pakatan Rakyat to reopen the case when they occupy Putrajaya one day.

Michael Gan: Asia News Network on July 25 reported:
"The RCI described (former Selangor MACC deputy chief) Hishamuddin Hashim as a leader who would use all kinds of tricks as well as lies in order to achieve his objectives."

As for his subordinates, they were being arrogant, concealing the truth and fabricating lies on hearings in order to protect their superior.

I wonder if Teoh actually didn't break down at all and stood firm. After all, he was a witness to a mere RM2,400 misappropriation case. He is in DAP, and there are some pretty tough nuts there.

So, if that was the case, it is possible the some or one of the MACC officers could have just lost their cool.

One Brain Cell: The facts of the case are clear for all to see. Umno/BN is a very sore loser and wanted Selangor back at all costs. Using the MACC as an attack dog was a favourite tactic.

They wanted to undermine the credibility of a few DAP state councillors - Ean Yong Hian Wah among them. Teoh was expected to buckle under intense and prolonged "interrogation" but he stood up to his tormentors till fatigue got the better of them and they probably went overboard, killing him in the process.

The plot to wrest Selangor back from Pakatan Rakyat had to be postponed. Now they're trying to use Indonesian immigrants to do the job.

Teoh was killed by Umno/BN's vileness and dishonourable misconduct - and Hishamuddin Hashim and his colleagues belong in jail for torturing an innocent human being beyond the limits of endurance.

Kgen: All I can say is shame on the RCI for allowing itself to be influenced by politics. Malaysians are fed up of being lied to by people who are publicly entrusted to act with the utmost integrity but promptly sell their souls to the ruling regime.

At the end of the day, the RCI panel members may realise that they have in their possession the skill of writing a good novel.

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